Seamless natural resin

    Stylish, comfortable and hard-wearing

    Natural Resin Flooring
  • For that raw look and feel

    And the comfort of natural resin

    Strong, Seamless, Stylish

    Natural Resin Flooring
  • Our natural resin

    combined with the strength of crushed stones

    To create one seamless ceramic surface

    Natural Resin Flooring

    Suitable throughout your home

    from living and dining areas to bedrooms or bathrooms

    Natural Resin Flooring

    Seamless natural walls

    Warm, durable and completely waterproof

    Natural Resin Flooring

    Used in offices around the world

    For practical design-led installations

    Natural Resin Flooring

    Marble rocks with the force of resin

    For a seamless terrazzo

    Natural Resin Flooring

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Resin flooring by Senso


Soft to the Touch, Warm and Comfortable

Home is where your heart is and your home deserves to be comfortable. Senso's resin floors are velvet soft to the touch. They are warm, perfect for underfloor heating, luxurious and comfortable with bare feet. Resin flooring from Senso puts you and your comfort first.

PVH Campus Amsterdam by SENSO

Seamless Resin Floors and Walls



Floors and Walls

We believe in products that allow you to create a united interior. Senso seamless resin floors and waterproof resin walls can be used in all areas, whether it is for living, dining, sleeping, playing, or showering. We provide you with a warm, strong, seamless canvas helping you to create united spaces - within this you create your own personal interior.

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Resin Floors


Natural Resin Flooring

Senso resin floors are unique. They are made from natural biopolymers, delivering the highest standard in resin flooring. Seamless, warm, soft to the touch and healthy to live with. Senso are the only resin flooring supplier to offer seamless resin floors made from natural plant oil resins. Fantastic for you, your family and the environment.

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Seamless Resin Walls


Seamless and Waterproof Walls

Senso seamless wall coverings have been developed to replace wall tiles and are made for you in one complete piece from rock-resin. These seamless resin wall coverings are ideal for showers and bathrooms in your home.

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Resin Flooring Certification





The best tested resin floors and walls


Our best ever, fully tested seamless resin floor and wall coverings. BS EN, DIN, ISO, TüV, AgBB, BREEAM, LEED, the whole nine yards. So that you know what you are buying and what you can expect when you choose a Senso resin flooring solution.

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Senso Resin Flooring

Be inspired by our previous projects...

Discover why ELLE DECO, Interior Design Magazine and the UK design press keep close tabs on us and our range of stunning resin flooring...

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hard wearing and stylish flooring for life made for intensiv

Hard wearing and stylish

Flooring for life. Made for intensive use, can be installed in any space. Both for business and private use. SENSO has its floors extensively tested for resistance to wear, fire safety, elasticity and sound insulation. Because only the best is good enough.


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