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for every catering application sensos on trade floors are mu

For every catering application

SENSO’s on-trade floors are multi-functional, suitable for the catering industry in the broadest sense, from restaurants and bars to hotels – basically, any place where only the best floor would be good enough. SENSO’s hospitality floors are HACCP-compliant, liquid-resistant, and highly elastic, manufactured from natural biopolymers. They are fully in accordance with Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines. Our floors are good for people, and even better for the environment.

calibrated for crowds senso develops quality floors for the

Calibrated for crowds

SENSO develops quality floors for the hotel and catering industry. This means that high peak loads are not a problem. Floors with a subtle look and a very robust core. Thanks to their powerful top layer, our hospitality floors are the best choice for dances, weddings and fairs. Restaurants and lunchrooms also benefit from a catering floor. Although their floors tend to be less packed than in a club’s, they are no less important. Your floor’s liquid-tight surface forms the basis of your interior, which is why at SENSO, you can choose from a wide range of colours. Let SENSO take you into the world of resin floors.

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experience is everything catering companies that focus on ex

Experience is everything

Catering companies that focus on experience are an excellent match for SENSO Impressions. A resin floor with a more unique pattern than this one does not exist. Our Impressions floor was designed in collaboration with top designer Marcel Wanders. The result is a crystal clear floor, a brilliant, seamless addition for every hospitality establishment that goes above and beyond. For those who want a little extra, we have our SENSO Titan floor, a beautiful seamless resin floor that impresses by radiating tranquillity.

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eco certified catering floor the appearance of a catering fl

Eco Certified Catering Floor

The appearance of a catering floor is up for discussion, but the required quality level is set. That is why SENSO floors are fully certified. Our colours fit in nicely with this; they are lively and speak for themselves, made of natural pigments.

resin floors for every situation senso produces floors for a

Resin floors for every situation

SENSO produces floors for all types of rooms. In addition to hotel and catering floors, SENSO also specialises in the production of hospital, retail and residential floors. We make floors for all sorts of different situations, but always with the same quality level.

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the best floor for the hospitality industry senso hospitalit

The best floor for the hospitality industry

SENSO hospitality floors are all finished with SENSO Hospitality CR, a resilient finish that is low-maintenance. As a result, wine, coffee and beer stains leave no mark. It is a finish that gives the notions of wear resistance and non-slip new meaning. That is SENSO Hospitality CR.

Get inspired

Are you curious about the possibilities of a SENSO floor for your company? Be informed by our professionals. Experience the difference and visit our showroom.

Technical properties.

Elasticity Elasticity modulus (MPa)
NEN 702, NEN 70232 Elasticiteit

Tensile strength (MPa)

Fracture toughness (%)

Abrasive resistance (CS-17/Taber Abrasion)



0,057 gr.

NEN 702 Scheurt niet Hoge slijtvastheid Langere levensduur

Compression deviation (500N)

Compression after 24h




VOC Emission




  VOS vrij Natuurlijke materialen
Fire Safety

Fire class

Thermal resistance (R) (ISO 8302)


0,01 m2 K/W

Underfloor Heating Suitable for floor heating Yes   Uitstekend voor vloerverwarming
  Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 140-8) Llin 1dB / Lw 2dB   Geluidsdempend
  Layer thickness
Durometer (Shore D)
  Hoge laagdikte, zeer comfortabel Geen vulstoffen
  Application time 3 days   Volledig naadloos
  Classification (EN 685) 32 commercial   Voldoet aan EU-normen


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