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Senso For Mitsubishi

Carshopping re-invented by Dalziel & Pow

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK has unveiled its first-ever store in a mall setting with a concept designed by Dalziel & Pow and in partnership with online auto retail specialist Rockar.  

Mitsubishi London

This retail experience distills the brand's honest, enduring, quietly confident appeal in a leisure setting. Conceived as a tranquil 'Innovation Sanctuary', the store concept instills the calm and quiet of a hybrid vehicle, with subtle digital features enhancing the experience.

Mitsubishi London

We've come up with a custom selection of colours with added crushed marble for this Titan by Senso flooring product. Together with Dalziel & Pow we've captured a 'Tough Sophistication' in an urban style Terrazzo finish.


Mitsubishi London



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Mitsubishi Retail Experience

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