• New Caramel Restaurant

    opens in Knightsbridge

    Sensoflooring in Bcrete Ash

    senso caramel restaurant

Senso For Caramel Restaurant

Restaurant & Lounge opens at 272 Brompton Road

Crafted by corporate chef Sunil Vaz, Caramel serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts daily. All within walking distance of Harrods, a perfect venue to relax after a days of shopping.  

Caramel Restaurant London

The Art Deco inspired interiors which feature backlit onyx trims, marbled surfaces and sleek Italian ceramic tiles as well as copper and brass details. Each site is individually tailored to suit its location so at the London site they've added an afternoon tea. 

Caramel Restaurant London

The client has chosen Sensoflooring in Bcrete Ash which is a bespoke flooring collection made from biopolymers blended with a mix of regenerated composite and fine marble quartz. It's black appearance offers a dark and strong basis for the colourful interior.


Caramel Restaurant London



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New Caramel Restaurant

Caramel Restaurant London

Senso For Caramel Restaurant Restaurant & Lounge



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