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    Hard wearing living room floors

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Your living room deserves the best. A stylish surface manufactured using the best materials, collected from around the whole world. SENSO develops poured floors which belong in any living room. Which you will enjoy again and again each day. A floor which complements your living room.

peace at home the presence of poured flooring brings unity t

Peace at home

The presence of poured flooring brings unity to your interior space. Effortlessly connect the kitchen, hall, toilet and garden to the living room. Space enhancing and maintenance friendly. A wonderful combination of functionality and aesthetics.

ultimate comfort a senso poured floor excels at comfort you

Ultimate comfort

A SENSO poured floor excels at comfort. You will only notice how very pleasant the floor is when you walk on it barefoot. Ideal for families. A floor that feels delightfully soft and which your children can play on for hours. A floor they can make a mess on. Because SENSO poured floors are maintenance friendly and easy to clean.

a floor that suits you personalize your poured floor by havi

A floor that suits you

Personalize your poured floor by having an image or logo applied on it. So that it becomes your own floor. A floor that is unique and can only be admired in the comfort of your home. Change every house into a home with a SENSO poured floor.

hard wearing living room floor enjoy your poured floor for m

Hard wearing living room floor

Enjoy your poured floor for many years. It is possible with a SENSO floor. The surface has been thoroughly tested by TNO and TÜV for wear resistance, fire safety and elasticity. Not surprisingly, the floor passed all the tests. This is the SENSO guarantee. A quality floor for life.

The best for your living room

SENSO living room flooring is the only flooring on the market which is manufactured using 100% renewable raw materials. And it is free of volatile organic substances. Good for people and the environment. Discover how well an environmentally friendly SENSO floor will suit your living room and visit one of our showrooms for inspiration.


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