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Powerful and elegant

A polished concrete floor is sturdy, sleek and stylish. Three great qualities that are bundled in a SENSO seamless floor. Use SENSO to unite the living room and the kitchen and link the bedroom to your bathroom.

Environmentally friendly alternative

Genuine polished concrete floors feel cold, are liable to crack, require a lot of maintenance and often contain a synthetic component. Polished concrete by SENSO is an environmentally friendly alternative. Just as beautiful, watertight and made from natural plastics.

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Child-friendly floors

Child-friendly floor

Cosy, warm and elastic. That’s a polished concrete floor by SENSO. A floor that you can count on while your children grow up. A floor they can play on for hours. A floor that feels wonderfully soft to bare feet. Use SENSO to make any house a cosy space that instantly makes you feel at home.

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For homes

For homes

A seamless sensation for at home. One that effortlessly unites rooms. That excels in uniformity and beauty. Welcome to your new floor for life.

easy to maintain a striking domestic concrete floor that alw

Easy to maintain

A striking domestic concrete floor that always looks like new. Easy to clean and keep clean. Save time and choose a floor that makes your life easier.

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Polished concrete price

Polished concrete price 

SENSO always delivers bespoke solutions. Every polished concrete floor is different. The surface area, the shape of the room and your personal wishes affect the price. You decide.

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warm and pleasant no more cold feet thanks to power floated

Warm and pleasant

No more cold feet thanks to power-floated concrete. A warm surface for your feet, 365 days a year. Take advantage of energy-efficient heating. No more radiators in the house; an invisible source of warmth instead. Treat yourself to the best.

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polished concrete for businesses a polished concrete floor i


Polished concrete for businesses

A polished concrete floor is also suitable for business premises. Give your office a cosy ambiance with SENSO. Create the look that suits your business.


Experience SENSO

A SENSO floor has to be experienced. A floor for every moment in life. Discover our polished concrete in our showroom in London.


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