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    Wear-resistant resining floor for the retail sector

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A SENSO shop floor is completely seamless, liquid-proof and wear-resistant, made for intensive use and fireproof. The perfect attraction for shoppers. A SENSO resin floor will invite your customers in and give them a feeling of security. Be amazed by SENSO's shopping floors.

made for crowds senso resin floors are designed for highly f

Made for crowds

SENSO resin floors are designed for highly frequented rooms where a lot of walking takes place - for places where people come together. Our shop floors have a high peak load capacity. Frequent use has little impact on a SENSO shop floor. Our floors are extensively tested for wear resistance by TNO. The surface will remain beautiful for years. Representative from start to finish.

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unity in every store a resin floor will connect all the room

Unity in every store

A resin floor will connect all the rooms in your shop to one another, from the fitting rooms to the cash desk, and from the warehouse to the showroom. With a SENSO shop floor, unity is can be created in every shop.

tailored shop floors senso makes floors that will impress yo

Tailored shop floors

SENSO makes floors that will impress your customers. In vibrant colours, made from 100% natural raw materials. In any style and finish. Unique and made of hard stone, such as SENSO Impressions, or a tear-free, real Italian marble floor like Natural Terrazzo. In line with your vision, just as you want it. SENSO brings your idea to life.

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clean in no time sensos certified shop floors have no joints

Clean in no time

SENSO's certified shop floors have no joints. As a result, dust and dirt do not get a chance to nest between the seams. Loose dust can easily be wiped away or vacuumed. Stains can be removed within seconds with a wet cloth or mop. There is no need to use cleaning agents. Cold or lukewarm water is enough to ensure a radiant floor in your shop.

Get inspired in our showroom

For advice on the perfect SENSO floor for you, visit our showroom or contact us by phone, or go online to calculate prices in our price indication tool, no strings attached.


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