• Superquartz

    ground rock

    for a seamless composite

    Superquartz seamless ceramic flooring
for our superquartz collection we were looking for the kind


"A mixture of finely ground quartz and biopolymer"

For our Superquartz Collection, we were looking for the kind of quartz that is also used in the production of tiles. We managed to combine this type of quartz with our own elastic biopolymer, resulting in a fragmented floor pattern with a vibrant effect. This new method also allowed us to significantly extend the durability and lifespan of the floor. That is why Superquartz is truly a floor for life.

Superquartz Concrete Carrara

Superquartz Blush Coral Carrara Pearl

Superquartz Dolomite Nero

Superquartz Zinc Bardiglio

Superquartz Off White Carrara Pearl

Superquartz Earth Bardiglio

carrara for our flagship store in amsterdam we opted for whi


For our flagship store in Amsterdam, we opted for white marble sourced from Carrara, Italy. Michelangelo used this marble when creating his world-famous statue of David. Since then, it has been the world's most sought-after marble and is used in countless works of art as well as interiors. We used this beautiful product in a broken form to enhance our Senso floor. It is then polished in five phases to create a lovely and smooth surface.


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