How much does a polished concrete floor cost?

The price of a polished concrete floor depends on several factors. Personal preferences and the layout of the space determine the cost. SENSO develops the floor you want. The floor that makes you happy. A bespoke product, no two floors are the same.

The price of a polished concrete floor per m2 depends on:

The size of the room

One of the main factors is the surface area. Generally speaking: the larger the area, the lower the price per m2. Small rooms are more labour-intensive when it comes to a polished concrete floor. For this reason, the price is usually higher.

The chosen finish

SENSO creates a floor that is completely in line with your wishes. With focus on every detail and each characteristic. This could include more elasticity, fire safety, colour and anti-slip. Personalise your polished concrete floor and delight in your own unique floor. The possibilities are endless.


The polished concrete floor is applied to a smooth and level subfloor. Without imperfections. A damaged subfloor is repaired prior to application, so that the base is nice and smooth. It’s the only way to create the most perfect polished concrete floor.

popular in homes and businesses polished concrete floors are

Popular in homes and businesses

Polished concrete floors are very popular. There has been a particular increase in demand for these floors in homes. The industrial look, elastic properties and low-maintenance characteristics make polished concrete a very desirable choice. SENSO applies a seamless composite that is suitable for large spaces. Companies have been aware of the benefits of a polished concrete floor for some time already and appreciate its advantages. 

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