• senso Wall

    a robust wall covering

    made from quartz blend

    senso wall covering
it gives the minimalist character of a seamless wall with th

Seamless Wall Covering

"Made from quartz, plastered by hand'

It gives the minimalist character of a seamless wall, with the rich natural appearance of stone. Once installed, maintenance of the wall covering is minimal. It is highly alkalilne, so bacteria cannot live on the material. Senso Wall is therefore not only durable and healthy, but also easy to clean. It can be applied in a variety of natural colours and is a beautiful enhancement for bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Senso Wall White

Senso Wall Dandelion

Senso Wall Cloud

Senso Wall Rocket

Senso Wall Light Moss

Senso Wall Apollo

Senso Wall Khaki

Senso Wall Taupe

Senso Wall Raven

Senso Wall Midnight

Senso Wall Sterling

Senso Wall Denim


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