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A resin floor makes any bedroom complete. Warm, comfortable and seamless. A pleasure to walk on every day. SENSO resin floors fit every bedroom and re fully customizable. Create a resin floor that will suit your bedroom.

totally seamless a resin floor in your bedroom creates a sea

Totally seamless

A resin floor in your bedroom creates a seamless whole. The room will not only look more spacious, but also more sleek. To make the room look larger, extend the floor through to the landing or the entire level. Beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.

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easy to care for and maintain seamless flooring attracts les

Easy to care for and maintain

Seamless flooring attracts less dust, meaning less dirt, less frequent cleaning, and more fun. Increase your enjoyment with a maintenance-friendly surface, leaving you more time for things that really matter.

personalise your resin floor choose the colour and the desir

Personalise your resin floor

Choose the colour and the desired finish yourself. For example, a raw look with a burnt effect such as SENSO Grain. Or go for a comfortable floor consisting of two brilliant colours with SENSO Fusion. Floor heating can easily be added. SENSO makes resin floors that can be completely adjusted to your tastes. Create your own experience.

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comfortable at your feet give yourself the very best a senso

Comfortable at your feet

Give yourself the very best. A SENSO resin floor is pleasant, warm and springy. Lovely to walk on, even with bare feet. For your own bedroom and for the children's rooms.

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mildly elastic the senso poured floor in your bedroom is mil


The Senso poured floor in your bedroom is mildly elastic. Thus, the floor muffles sound and is resilient. Pleasant for walking barefoot or with socks. To have that wonderful sensation every morning.

unity of the interior space the poured floor of your bedroom


The poured floor of your bedroom flows seamlessly into your bathroom. You can walk into your shower from your bedroom just like that, without any joints or thresholds. Senso poured flooring is perfect for bathroom and bedroom. Gloriously clean and pleasant.

spacious and easy to maintain a heavenly poured floor in the


A heavenly poured floor in the bathroom which flows seamlessly into the bedroom and the hall. No thresholds on the whole floor where the bedrooms are. Experience the spaciousness and the simplicity of maintenance.

a bedroom floor in any colour senso poured flooring always s


SENSO poured flooring always suits the design and style of your bedroom. You define the colour of your new SENSO floor yourself. All colours are available, in any tone. You can even combine two colours to create your own unique place to sleep.

Discover your SENSO resin floor for the bedroom

We would be happy to advise you on the ideal SENSO floor for your bedroom. Visit one of our showrooms or contact us by phone. You can also calculate your price directly online.


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