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Sleek and seamless unity, from the living room to the kitchen and from the bedroom to the attic. SENSO's resin floors creates unity in every room, and not only in homes, but in offices and showrooms as well. In any colour, with floor heating or without - exactly the way you want it. Let us tell you what makes Senso different from traditional PU floors known for their industrial application.

plantbase resinfloors to pu

Plant-based and recyclable

Senso's resins are made using from plant derived resins. A natural floor that feels like velvet and has a cushioning effect underfoot. Seamlessly compatible with underfloor heating, crack-bridging and with a wide array of design possibilities. Compared to traditional polyurethane floors known to be used in the industry floors from Senso have many advantages. They're made with renewable resources, are free of harmful substances and are almost entirely recyclable. Learn more about Sensofloors and visit one of our locations. 

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easy to maintain pu resin floors sensos biobased alternative

Easy to maintain PU resin floors

SENSO's biobased alternative to traditional polyurethane resin floors are impermeable to liquids, which makes cleaning and maintaining a bliss. The dirt-repellent sealer we use on all of our next generation PU resin flooring also contribute to this, making these floors suitable even people with a dust mite allergy.

brilliant colours using fine rock crystal and natural pigmen

Brilliant colours

Using fine rock crystal and natural pigments, SENSO’s PU resin floors are coloured and shaped. SENSO floors are available in the warmest and freshest colours. Colours that speak. Colours that live. The colours that you choose and that suit you.

made of polyurethane a pu resin floor is made of polyurethan

Made of polyurethane

A PU resin floor is made of polyurethane. PU is a plastic biopolymer. In addition to polyurethane, there are two other main types: epoxy and biopolymer. PU and epoxy are petroleum plastics. Biopolymer is made from vegetable oil.

Be inspired by a PU resin floors

Biopolymer floors are beautiful products. Be inspired by our beautiful projects and the many applications.

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