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Senso Flooring is naturally made



Senso flooring is not made from refined petroleum, in the same ways as an epoxy or polyurethane resin.

Senso flooring is made from natural plant oil products, which is therefore cleaner, safer and better for the environment.

plant oil the oil for senso floor is extracted from the cast

Plant oil

The oil for Senso Floor is extracted from the castor bean which is a rapidly growing, annual fruit bearing, tropical plant. The areas in which Senso harvest its oil does not compete with agriculture as the land is mostly arid, where our plants grow perfectly but other forms of agriculture is not possible.

Great natural colour range - Senso Flooring


Fantastic colors

Natural pigments are added for colouring and with rhinestone we give the Senso floor its body. Senso floors come in a variety of beautiful and warm colours. Almost anything is possible.

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The ricinus communis plant is capable of growth with very little water. The plant only needs water once every 23 days and can grow to 3 metres in twelve months. Therefore, the planting and growth has no adverse effect on the ecological balance in the area.

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Ecological Flooring - Senso Flooring


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