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A stylish floor that meets HACCP standards and is liquid-tight and easy to maintain - that is our SENSO restaurant floor. The perfect floor for any establishment, for the front of house where guests eat as well as the kitchens in the back where the food is prepared. Our floors are made of natural raw materials in accordance with Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines.

unity in your restaurant create a seamless transition from t

Unity in your restaurant

Create a seamless transition from the kitchen to the bar and from the dining area to the toilets. It’s possible with SENSO’s restaurant floor. This scratch-resistant floor for the hospitality industry excels in its simplicity. The design is sleek and clear. It makes for the perfect base for any restaurant, thanks to its wonderfully soft top layer that is chemically and mechanically resistant.

beautiful textures let your restaurant shine with the very b

Beautiful textures

Let your restaurant shine with the very best, most beautiful floors thanks to eccentric SENSO Impressions. Opt for a unique floor system that incorporates an optical illusion. Available in delicate patterns, for real connoisseurs. On the other hand, consider our SENSO Grain, an industrial resin floor with a roasted look, using fire-dried quartz as its base. It has a beautiful texture and vivid appearance. A floor that is made to be admired.

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natural pigments sensos colours are sourced from nature in a

Natural pigments

SENSO’s colours are sourced from nature, in an ecologically responsible way. Mountain crystal is used to help the colours take shape. The result is a warm look with natural colours that add atmosphere to your dining experience. Perfect for using in hygienic floors. Discover SENSO's extensive colour palette.

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floors for hygienic areas senso makes floors for rooms that

Floors for hygienic areas

SENSO makes floors for rooms that are required to meet the highest possible demands in terms of hygiene and comfort, but also in terms of appearance and maintenance. That is why our floors are suitable for the hospitality industry, from restaurants to cafés and from hotels to clubs. They are even suitable for hospitals and dental practices.

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wear resistant floor finish senso restaurant floors come wit

Wear-resistant floor finish

SENSO restaurant floors come with a wear-resistant and tear-resistant finish: the SENSO Hospitality finish, specially developed for the hospitality industry. A finish that complies with BGR181 and HACCP guidelines, and is resistant to liquid and grease, which are so common in the kitchen.

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