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SENSO wellness floors excel in terms of hygiene and are notable for their simplicity. Thanks to its hygienic and elastic properties, SENSO has created a floor that is suitable for any sauna, wellness centre, or sports complex. A flooring system that is set up according to Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines and contains no volatile organic compounds. This is SENSO's wellness and sports floor.

quality only the best is good enough this is the philosophy


Only the best is good enough. This is the philosophy SENSO uses to develop wellness floors of the highest quality. Floors that have been tested for harmful ventilation by the German Federal Environment Agency. They score highly on fire safety according to TÜV and feature a high wear resistance and elasticity based on TNO’s requirements. 100% natural and available in a wide range of colours.

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durable surfaces sensos wellness floors come in various form

Durable surfaces

SENSO's wellness floors come in various forms. SENSO Pure radiates strength and tranquillity; it is a seamless, durable, solid-colour surface that fully adapts to the environment. SENSO Fusion features a great interplay of two vibrant colours, with a wonderfully comfortable walking deck.

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for sports and leisure areas these floors are suitable for a

For sports and leisure areas

These floors are suitable for any hygienic area for relaxation or sports, such as saunas, gymnasiums and wellness resorts. Due to the absence of seams and joints, these resin floors suit all tastes. These beautiful and super sleek floors are a pleasure to watch and to walk on. The surface has a dampening effect and provides the right support during sports.

applicable anywhere senso floors provide added value in any

Applicable anywhere

SENSO floors provide added value in any room. From business to private applications and from hygienic areas to commercial locations. Be surprised by the many possibilities.

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elastic finish sensos sports and wellness floors are suitabl

Elastic finish

SENSO's sports and wellness floors are suitable for wellness areas and places where sports are practised. That's is why they all feature a finish that provides the perfect support for your body: SENSO Hospitality. A finish that makes the surface suitable for ground exercises due to its elastic properties and cushioning effect.

Endless possibilities

With a SENSO floor, the possibilities are endless. Experience it in our showroom and be inspired. To calculate prices yourself, please visit our website.

Technical properties.

Elasticity Elasticity modulus (MPa)
NEN 702, NEN 70232 Elasticiteit

Tensile strength (MPa)

Fracture toughness (%)

Abrasive resistance (CS-17/Taber Abrasion)



0,057 gr.

NEN 702 Scheurt niet Hoge slijtvastheid Langere levensduur

Compression deviation (500N)

Compression after 24h




VOC Emission




  VOS vrij Natuurlijke materialen
Fire Safety

Fire class

Thermal resistance (R) (ISO 8302)


0,01 m2 K/W

Underfloor Heating Suitable for floor heating Yes   Uitstekend voor vloerverwarming
  Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 140-8) Llin 1dB / Lw 2dB   Geluidsdempend
  Layer thickness
Durometer (Shore D)
  Hoge laagdikte, zeer comfortabel Geen vulstoffen
  Application time 3 days   Volledig naadloos
  Classification (EN 685) 32 commercial   Voldoet aan EU-normen


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