Our Vision is to Unites Spaces

Our bespoke seamless floors complements any style withouy competing with it. In this unique way, Senso brings unity to interiors with innovatie and seamless floors and walls. This blank canvas allows you to be truly creative.

Seamless, Durable Flooring - Senso Flooring
Seamless bathroom flooring - Senso Flooring

Image yourself in a luxury resort with the seamless Senso Walls

Senso's durable and stylish wall coverings add the perfect statement to your interior style. They are perfect for bathrooms, but by installing them in the bedroom you can create a seamless finish that unites your personal living space. Senso wall coverings are made of crushed stone mixed with natural binders, to form a watertight whole. The materials are free from chalk and mildew, easy to clean and the ideal alternative to tiles.

We are natural, naturally
Senso floors and walls are based on natural materials

Our wall finishes are made from ground stone and our floors are entirely free of heavy mateals, solvents or volatile organic compounds. Moreover, Sensofloors are based on bio-polymers and made from plant derived resins.

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Water resistant, clean, durable flooring - Senso Flooring
Warm, soft, durable flooring - Senso Flooring

We have a long life

Our products are long-lasting and durale. Do not exprect the hardness of a tiles, but do expect more resilience than wood or parquet. We've had that tested by international testing organisation TüV. Because we see our floor as a long-term investment, when it does eventually wear, you'll only need to re-seal or re-top the surface.

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Gym Flooring - Senso Flooring

We move with you

Castfloors can be hard and rigid. Sensofloors are not. At Senso we place a great deal of importance on comfort. Because of the elasticity of our floors - up to as much as 170% - they move with you. A Sensofloor alwats feels soft and comfortable.

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we are hot a sensofloor is ideal for use with low temperatur

We are hot

A Sensofloor is ideal for use with low-temperature heating systems, such as underfloor heating. Because of its ow heat resistance your Sensofloor always feels pleasant, event to bare feet when you come out of the shower or step out of bed. 


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