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SENSO shopping floors are representative floors that form the basis of your shop. They are designed to bear hundreds to thousands of visitors every day and created to provide your customers with the best possible service; For example, they feature reinforced walking zones and a non-slip running surface. And naturally, SENSO shop floors are easy to maintain, so that the floor can quickly be made pristine again after a busy shopping day.

certified shop floor sensos store floors are in line with th

Certified shop floor

SENSO’s store floors are in line with the latest trends. They are industrial and super sleek, but their appearance is not only thing worth mentioning. SENSO effortlessly mixes an environmentally friendly floor with a trendy look. For example, SENSO floors do not contain any volatile organic compounds and are made using only natural raw materials, right down to the pigments for the colours. To demonstrate that our shop floors scores high in terms of wear resistance, fire safety, and elasticity, we have them tested by TNO and TÜV, so that you are assured of the very best floor for your shop.

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handcrafted resin floors sensos shopping floors come in vari

Handcrafted Resin Floors

SENSO's shopping floors come in various types for entrepreneurs with a wide range of tastes. Take our SENSO Superquartz. Robust yet comfortable, with ground rock as its base. A strong floor that performs effortlessly when your shop is full. Another floor that scores high on appearance is our SENSO Titan, inspired by Italian Terrazzo floors and made of real marble. A valuable addition to any store, and tear-free.

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comfortable senso specialises in retail flooring and knows e


SENSO specialises in retail flooring and knows exactly what retailers need. That's why our resin floors are very durable, perfectly prepared to bear high peak load. At the same time, they are elastic, because a floor must feel good too. Both your customers and your staff log a lot of hours on your floor. Give only the best to them, and to yourself as well.

applicable in any situation senso creates high quality resin

Applicable in any situation

SENSO creates high-quality resin floors for every room. Alone in the Netherlands, our floors are 100% natural. For shops, showrooms and whole shopping centres, but also for homes and schools. In short, for any situation in which only the best floor could ever be good enough and where the surface has to meet the highest demands.

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a safe workplace high wear and tear resistance and extra sli

A safe workplace

High wear and tear resistance and extra slip resistance are essential for a good shop floor. So is easy cleaning. That is why all of our shop floors are finished with our SENSO ShopXL finish, which is BREEAM certified. It also has a non-slip coating and fire-retardant effect, ensuring a safe workplace.

Experience a SENSO floor

Find out what a SENSO shop floor can do for your shop! Visit one of our showrooms or call us for more information. You can even go ahead calculate prices yourself online. 

Technical properties.

Elasticity Elasticity modulus (MPa)
NEN 702, NEN 70232 Elasticiteit

Tensile strength (MPa)

Fracture toughness (%)

Abrasive resistance (CS-17/Taber Abrasion)



0,057 gr.

NEN 702 Scheurt niet Hoge slijtvastheid Langere levensduur

Compression deviation (500N)

Compression after 24h




VOC Emission




  VOS vrij Natuurlijke materialen
Fire Safety

Fire class

Thermal resistance (R) (ISO 8302)


0,01 m2 K/W

Underfloor Heating Suitable for floor heating Yes   Uitstekend voor vloerverwarming
  Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 140-8) Llin 4dB / Lw 6dB   Geluidsdempend
  Layer thickness
Durometer (Shore D)
  Hoge laagdikte, zeer comfortabel Geen vulstoffen
  Application time 4 days   Volledig naadloos
  Classification (EN 685) 32 commercial   Voldoet aan EU-normen


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