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    100% natural showroom floor

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bright hues a senso showroom floor has a powerful look and c

Bright hues

A SENSO showroom floor has a powerful look and consists of 100% natural materials. By putting a resin floor in your showroom, you are choosing class and security. Our showroom floors act as a subdued base against which every product stands out, from kitchens to cars. Optimise your showroom with an eco-certified floor by SENSO. Available in vibrant colours and with a low-maintenance finish.

an inviting resin floor a senso showroom floor is always rep

An inviting resin floor

A SENSO showroom floor is always representative and inviting. No matter the time of day, your customers will feel welcome. These sound-absorbing floors are a pleasure to walk on and feel wonderfully comfortable; they are made to move around on for hours on end, providing the right support for visitors who want to marvel at your products all day.

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durable showroom floors wear resistant floors without seams

Durable showroom floors

Wear-resistant floors without seams or joints, in vivid colours and made of the best ingredients. SENSO offers various options, in line with your wishes. SENSO Pure radiates strength and tranquillity: simplicity at its best. In short, a floor that perfectly matches a busy showroom. Are you looking for a floor that is more vibrant while still providing a solid basis? If so, SENSO Titan is the perfect floor for your showroom. Inspired by centuries-old Italian Terrazzo floors, with a touch of SENSO.

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cradle to cradle as a basis senss pr4000 series are world cl

Cradle-to-Cradle as a basis

SENS's PR4000 series are world-class and meet the highest demands. SENSO is the only company in the resin floor market to develop eco-certified floors without the use of oil and heavy metals. Natural raw materials form the basis of our Cradle-to-Cradle PR4000 range, resin floors that score highly in terms of elasticity, wear resistance and fire safety, tested by TNO and TÜV.

made for every application in addition to showroom floors se

Made for every application

In addition to showroom floors, SENSO also makes floors for everyday life, both private and business. From homes to hospitals and from garages to shopping malls. For each application, SENSO supplies suitable floors.

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benefits of senso showroom floor find out what senso can do

Benefits of SENSO Showroom Floor

Find out what SENSO can do for your showroom. All SENSO showroom floors are finished with our SENSO HighTraffic finish, suitable for busy places where sustainable floors are necessary and comfort and convenience go hand in hand.

SENSO welcomes you

SENSO floors truly come into their own in our own showroom. This way, they become tangible. Find a showroom near you and be inspired.

Technical properties.

Elasticity Elasticity modulus (MPa)
NEN 702, NEN 70232 Elasticiteit

Tensile strength (MPa)

Fracture toughness (%)

Abrasive resistance (CS-17/Taber Abrasion)



0,10 gr.

NEN 702 Scheurt niet Hoge slijtvastheid Langere levensduur

Compression deviation (500N)

Compression after 24h




VOC Emission




  VOS vrij Natuurlijke materialen
Fire Safety

Fire class

Thermal resistance (R) (ISO 8302)


0,01 m2 K/W

Underfloor Heating Suitable for floor heating Yes   Uitstekend voor vloerverwarming
  Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 140-8) Llin 2dB / Lw 4dB   Geluidsdempend
  Layer thickness
Durometer (Shore D)
  Hoge laagdikte, zeer comfortabel Geen vulstoffen
  Application time 3 days   Volledig naadloos
  Classification (EN 685) 32 commercial   Voldoet aan EU-normen


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