• Maintaining the floor resin floor in your home

    How to maintain a resin floor

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SENSO resin floors are easy to care for because they are completely seamless. No need to spend a lot of time cleaning them. A vacuum cleaner and a mop are all you need to make the floor shine again, and you don’t even need to do it often. With a SENSO resin floor, you will have time to spare.

once a week a senso resin floor will remain beautiful for a

Once a week

A SENSO resin floor will remain beautiful for a long time when cleaned weekly. Loose dirt and dust can be wiped off or vacuumed. Use a soft broom or vacuum cleaner fitted with a parquet brush. Cold water and a mop are sufficient for removing stains. Dirt will disappear instantly and the floor will shine like never before.

cleaning with water a senso resin floor can be cleaned in no

Cleaning with water

A SENSO resin floor can be cleaned in no time at all, using only cold water. That’s how easy it is to clean our resin floors! Aggressive cleaning agents are not necessary. SENSO even advises against using cleaning agents such as chlorine and ammonia. These affect the floor and shorten its lifespan.

Many years of enjoyment

Easily extend the life of your SENSO resin floor by placing felt liners under heavy pieces of furniture. Clean your floor weekly, remove stains within 30 minutes and place a doormat at the entrance. These are small things you can easily do to keep your floor beautiful, to be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

waterproof surface senso resin floors are impermeable to liq

Waterproof surface

SENSO resin floors are impermeable to liquids. If you spill any liquids, they will not seep into the floor. This applies to water, tea, coffee, wine and fruit juice. No liquid can penetrate a SENSO resin floor, making maintenance much easier.

time saving daily cleaning is a thing of the past a resin fl

Time saving

Daily cleaning is a thing of the past. A resin floor provides simplicity in appearance and simplicity in cleaning, leaving you more time to enjoy your resin floor.

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