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the ideal bathroom turn your bathroom into a spa cut back to



The ideal bathroom


Turn your bathroom into a spa. Cut back to its essence. A space in where you can refresh yourself and calm down.  

- Agape -

natural crushed stone mixed with binding agents to make the



Crushed stone mixed with binding agents to make the material we use hard yet flexible. Providing a seamless, smooth and natural surface that will last a lifetime. We are dying to show you what it looks like, why not schedule a visit to our showroom and experience the product first hand.

luxury the robust character is a beautiful contrast with the



The robust character is a beautiful contrast with the velvet Senso floor. The materials support each other. Both share an important similarity and can be applied entirely seamlessly.

bathroom without tiles sensos seamless walls make a fantasti



Bathroom without tiles

Senso's seamless walls make a fantastic and striking alternative for your bathroom, kitchen or shower. Our wall coverings are completely impervious and resistant to limescale and mould. Adorable, durable and surprisingly easy to maintain.

Bathroom walls: with a seamless finish

A Senso decorative plaster wall is made from quartz composite and waterbased polymers. This gives the material extremely water resistant properties, making it the perfect alternative to tiles. Transform your bathroom wall into a waterproof and seamless surface.


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