Safe Senso Flooring

A Senso floor is better and safer

Research is very important to us because so much is possible. We are not only looking at what is possible now but we are also doing research on what the needs are in the next few years. Therefore a Senso floor meets all modern safety and comfort standards.

VOC free Flooring - Senso Flooring

Free of harmful substances

A Senso floor is free of harmful substances. Our floors are tested by the German Umwelt Bundesamt.

Why in Germany?

We have our floors tested in Germany because that is where the strictest regulations apply and some of the best testing in the world is being done.

Durable Flooring - Senso Flooring

Wear resistance and use

With TNO we test things like wear resistance, UV-resistance and elasticity. By doing that we know what we're offering you.

Fire resistant flooring - TuV - Senso Flooring

Fire safety

We test our Senso floors on fire safety as well. We do this in co-operation with TuV to make sure our products meet the required standards in such situations. 

Sound proof flooring - Senso Flooring

Sound attenuation

A Senso floor is noise reducing in apartments as well. We are doing research on this topic in co-operation with Peutz who are among the leading research centers for acoustics in The Netherlands. In most cases, the Elaflex layer, an extra sound reducing layer, is not required. It is therefore efficient and saves you money.

With a shockpad layer we can make your floor quieter than carpet combined with underlay.


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