elastic surface a senso club floor comes to life at night de

Elastic surface

A SENSO club floor comes to life at night, designed for people who have something to celebrate. Due to its elastic properties, SENSO club floors are enjoyable from midnight to early morning. Our floors are easy and quick to clean after the sun rises. It takes no time at all for the floor to be made presentable again, ready to be used for activities in daylight.

liquid proof and presentable drink flows abundantly in a clu

Liquid-proof and presentable

Drink flows abundantly in a club, and a great deal of liquid also comes into contact with the floor. From beer, wine and soft drinks to rum and champagne. Due to the liquid-tight and seamless surface, the liquid never seeps into the floor itself. As such, SENSO club floors are easy to clean. Transform it back into a clean, sleek floor in just a few steps. Perfect for the hospitality industry and nightlife activities.

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inspired by nightlife senso club floors provide a seamless s

Inspired by nightlife

SENSO club floors provide a seamless, sleek foundation for any venue. Install a SENSO Grain or Titan floor in your club or bar for a combination of invisible power and brilliant texture, from the dance floor right down to the toilets. SENSO club floors are inspired by nightlife, made for people who are looking for an amazing experience.

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comfortable dance floor a floor that feels good and is dance

Comfortable dance floor

A floor that feels good and is danced on all night long, while still looking radiant. That is SENSO’s club floor. Have it finished with your company’s logo, or have your floor made in a specific colour combination.

more possibilities senso develops high quality resin floors

More possibilities

SENSO develops high-quality resin floors for every situation. For clubs and restaurants as well as hotels. In every room where the floor has to meet the highest demands, SENSO supplies the very best and most natural-looking resin floors.

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about sensos club floor our 100 natural resin floor is fully

About SENSO’s club floor

Our 100% natural resin floor is fully custom-made for your club, ensuring that it blends in with your interior. Every small detail is included in the design. Each club floor is finished with SENSO Hospitality CR, a finish that complies with HACCP regulations and BGR181 rules. Discover the advantages of a SENSO club floor.

Discover the club floors of SENSO

Be inspired by our finished resin floors. Visit one of our showrooms or call us to obtain more information.

Technische eigenschappen.

Elasticiteit Elasticity modulus (MPa)
NEN 702, NEN 70232 Elasticiteit

Tensile strength (MPa)

Fracture toughness (%)

Abrasive resistance (CS-17/Taber Abrasion)



0,057 gr.

NEN 702 Scheurt niet Hoge slijtvastheid Langere levensduur

Compression deviation (500N)

Compression after 24h




VOC Emission




  VOS vrij Natuurlijke materialen

Fire class

Thermal resistance (R) (ISO 8302)


0,01 m2 K/W

 Vloerverwarming Suitable for floor heating Yes   Uitstekend voor vloerverwarming
  Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 140-8) Llin 1dB / Lw 2dB   Geluidsdempend
  Layer thickness
Durometer (Shore D)
  Hoge laagdikte, zeer comfortabel Geen vulstoffen
  Application time 3 days   Volledig naadloos
  Classification (EN 685) 32 commercial   Voldoet aan EU-normen


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