• Titan

    a centuries-old Italian craft

    redeveloped using the latest technology

    Sensofloor inspired by ancient Terrazzo
our senso titan collection is inspired by those typically it


"A composite of marble and biopolymer"

Our Senso Titan Collection is inspired by those typically Italian, centuries-old terrazzo floors. For terrazzo, broken marble is mixed with cement and then polished. This results in a gorgeous finish that will last a lifetime. A major disadvantage of cementitious terrazzo products, however, is that they are extremely sensitive to cracking.


That is why we developed Natural Terrazzo. For Natural Terrazzo we use real marble sourced from Sienna, Carrara and Verona, and mix it with our biopolymer resins. The result is a magnificent finish that will last a lifetime and can be installed seamlessly, without cracking.

Senso Titan Chalk

Senso Titan Ivory

Senso Titan Concrete

Senso Titan Iron

Senso Titan Tungsten

Senso Titan Carbon

for the new room mate aitane hotel in amsterdam we used a sp

For the new Room Mate Aitane hotel in Amsterdam, we used a special binding agent with a copper sheen and combined it with broken marble sourced from Italy.


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