Modern City Villa

A stylish home with minimalist design

in their busy life they were looking for peace and quiet but

In their busy life they were looking for peace and quiet, but with clarity. By using the simple colours black and white, they created a wonderful base for this at home.

the sensofloor runs through all areas includingthe stairs th

The Senso floor runs through all areas - including the stairs. This special finish is suitable for screed, concrete and wooden stairs and also gives the impression of a solid surface which has been cast in a block of resin. It's one of the beautiful features of this project.

a sensofloor can also be used in wet spaces and it works per

A Senso floor can also be used in wet spaces, and it works perfectly in the shower in conjunction with our seamless wall finish. Both products are fully waterproof and also very easy to maintain. In this case it continued the unity of the rest of the property.


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