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Senso For Sony

Sony Music occupies a new space in the Adam tower in Amsterdam 

Many international artists are with Sony Music, one of the largest music agencies in the world. Miley Cirus, Calvin Harris, Beyoncé and Celine Dion are all part of this family. The European Headquarters is based in Amsterdam and the design came from up and coming design agency Space Encounters. They've created an amazing blend of two worlds designed in green en grey colours. The office comes with a view on the IJmeer seaway and the historical town of Amsterdam.


We developed a bespoke pallette of Grain in a strong green and subtle grey color for Sony. The resulting image is both strong and powerful. The green space, combined with the led ceiling lighting and the cassette ceiling is pure green power and a perfect match for the musical, creative world. The grey space offers a matrix-like environment when complete focus is required.


Design: www.space-encounters.eu
Photography: www.petertijhuis.com 

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SENSO For Sony music

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