Art Collector's Private Residence

Seamless floor design by Studio Makkink & Bey

when designer jurgen bey came to us with the idea for this a

When designer Jurgen Bey came to us with the idea for this art collector we were both excited and apprehensive. The design he made was so detailed that we were facing a huge challenge turning his dream into reality.

excitement won and we started the project workingas a team t

Excitement won and we started the project - workingas a team to deal with setbacks and challenges along the way. Through a combination of creativity and refined skill we finally succeeded and created a masterpiece.

they are not details they make the product ray amp charles e

'They are not details, they make the product'
 ~ Ray & Charles Eames ~

Every detail was carefully designed by Studio Makkink & Bey, pixel by pixel. That eye for detail had to be matched on site at the installation of the floor. Teams that were given specific training were responsible for the implementation - a meticulous job that required a huge amount of time and a keen eye for the smallest detail.

unparallelled freedom in design with senso freeze we provide




Unparallelled freedom in design


With Senso Freeze we provide unlimited freedom to a designer. The technology integrates complex printing techniques with a crystal clear seamlessly cast floor. Being able to fully integrate the floor in the overall design of a space creates a strong message, enabling the interior to become more than just walls and floors.


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