Q8 European Headquarters

A stunning corporate environment

senso applied 6000m2 of its senso toughwear floors for the q

Senso applied 6,000m2 of its Senso ToughWear floors for the Q8 HQ.

health and safety a senso floor is voc and emission free mea


Health and Safety

A Senso floor is VOC and emission free - meaning healthy air quality indoors

saturated and sustainable a senso floor is colour stable wit


Saturated and sustainable

A Senso floor is colour stable, with high density of lightfast pigments giving rich, deep and warm colours.

an enduring blank canvas a senso floor can be combined with


An enduring blank canvas

A Senso floor can be combined with other surface finishes to create your personal style.  The flooring will last 30+ years with minimal maintenance.

flexible installation a senso floor can be applied over rais


Flexible installation

A Senso floor can be applied over raised access flooring - using a special base-layering technique.

corporate cost considerations when applied over large areas


Corporate cost considerations

When applied over large areas, a Senso floor offers exceptional speed of installation, which leads to great cost savings.


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