Crocs Headquarters Europe

Crocs shoes come to Europe

resin floors Crocs

Senso applied 16,000m2 of its Senso ToughWear floors for Crocs' fantastic office building.

practical benefits senso floors have exceptional chair roll


 Practical benefits

Senso floors have exceptional chair roll resistance thanks to the inherent elasticity.

form and function calm clean lines smooth surface for ease o


Form and Function 

Calm clean lines.  Smooth surface for ease of cleaning.

branding opportunities thanks to our bespoke colour options


Branding Opportunities

Thanks to our bespoke colour options, any colour or combination is possible - so that all manner of corporate identities can be created or followed.

acoustic effects cleverly designed acoustic baffles were bui


Acoustic effects

Cleverly designed acoustic baffles were built in to the furniture sides to absorb the airborne noise of conversations. The Senso floor is very elastic, meaning that the surface is whisper quiet to walk across.


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