McDonald's Schiphol

The busiest branch in the Netherlands

more than 24 million customers pass through the tills of the

More than 2.4 million customers pass through the tills of the nation's busiest McDonalds... so the Senso floor needed to withstand this high traffic environment.

logistical barriers the site is located airsideat schiphol r


Logistical barriers

The site is located airside at Schiphol, requiring a lot of flexibility in the organization. For example, all employees are screened by Schiphol and background checks are made. Working airside requires more time and attention than most other projects.

branding guidelines the interior design formcdonalds europe


Branding guidelines

The interior design for McDonald's Europe is closely monitored and controlled, with colour and material selection being paramount. The normal specification for the corporate tile could not be used, because of the very lively mezzanine deck which would cause tiles to debond.

Senso managed to deliver the perfect solution by matching the colours, installing a seamless Toughwear floor and then cutting and sealing to create the tile gridlines. A seamless 'tiled' floor.

deadlines given the large number of visitors andexceedingly



Given the large number of visitors and exceedingly high turnover, speed of delivery was crucial. Our teams worked in shifts so that the shop was fully renovated in six days - with new floors that included stainless steel lines as specified in the McDonald's Corporate Identity.


wear resistant the selection of our floor was made because o



The selection of our floor was made because of its reliability and longevity. Our recommendation was the implementation of the Senso HospitalityCR system combined with Tough Wear technology. This combination of simultaneously rigid and flexible substrate and the hard top layers provides extremely long life and low whole life cost. Ideal for stores and restaurants.


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