DTZ Real Estate

A contemporary property office in Amsterdam

in one of the hottest office locations in the netherlands dt

In one of the hottest office locations in the Netherlands, DTZ Zadelhoff recently opened their new head office.

the interior design for the new hq offers open workstations

The interior design for the new HQ offers open workstations, informal meeting spaces, board rooms and a full service restaurant. By smartly combining soft floor carpets with Sensofloors the architect was able to create an office space with both perfect acoustic properties and straightforward, practical maintenance.

raising the bar for raised access floors senso have pioneere



Raising the bar...

For raised access floors Senso have pioneered a system using carbon fibre to create a stable base. This gives enough stability to be able to install a joint free Senso floor on top.  If necessary, we can build in access hatches to keep flexibility.

multiple colours we installed the senso floor in two colour



Multiple colours

We installed the Senso floor in two colour combinations, including pure white. To be able to perfectly combine the chosen colours we developed a working method to do so without any seams, trims or height differences. The result: a perfect meeting of two colours.

toughwear for offices specifically designed for use in offic



ToughWear for offices

Specifically designed for use in offices, Senso ToughWear uses a double top layer for longer life and lower maintenance costs. The combination of a flexible base layer and a tough, hard topseal results in an easy-to-maintain flooring system with a long lifecycle.

fit for all spaces a senso floor can be used for all areas o


Fit for all spaces

A Senso floor can be used for all areas of life... Whether for working, meeting or even having your afternoon lunch. Coffee, tea and even wine are easy to clean up without leaving stains. Because a Senso floor is entirely seamless it is easy and quick to clean throughout all different architectural spaces.


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