Palace of Justice

A new judicial public building in Amsterdam

resin floors public buildings

Senso applied 26,000m2 of its Senso HighTraffic floors for Amsterdam's stunning judicial public building.

resin floors public building


Prestigious contacts

Contractor J.P. van Eesteren was responsible for realising the two buildings (totalling 34,000 m2) for the Public Prosecution Service and Court of Justice of Amsterdam. Design was by Claus en Kaan architects and Jan Bakers Architects. The building was eventually opened by HMS Willem Alexander.

resin floors public building


Open invitation

Before the opening, press and citizens of the surrounding neighbourhood were invited to visit the new building.

resin floors public building


Safe and sustainable

The crucial starting point in the design of the building was environmental impact and sustainability. In the entire building, sustainable materials were used, amongst which Senso's biopolymer resin floors were used for vast areas.

resin floors public buildings


Tranquility in design

A Senso seamless floor provides smooth lines, free movement and a calm open space.

elegant and effortless with this seamless floor the rooms fl


Elegant and effortless

With this seamless floor, the rooms flow easily between each other. Not only does this create an open architectural space but it makes cleaning and maintenance even easier.

endless possibilites senso floors come in any colour with an


Endless possibilites

Senso floors come in any colour, with any design or pattern, in various textures and finishes.


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