Bolenius Restaurant

Chef Luc Kusters embarked on a surprising new venture

sustainability the pure ingredientsof the restaurantcome fro

Sustainability: the pure ingredients of the restaurant come from their own vegetable and herb garden around the corner.

vegetable garden on the axis the penny dropped when luckuste


Vegetable garden on the axis

The penny dropped when Luc KustersChef/Patron of Bolenius caught sight of a full acre of unused land that lay between the office towers. That small piece of land is more than space, it is an opportunity to unite space and taste!

lievre a la royale central to the restaurants ethos is to wo


Lievre a la Royale

Central to the restaurant's ethos is to work only with the best products. The eponymous royal hare, Lievre a la Royale, is an ancient wild recipe that was revived by the cuisine of Bolenius.

durable sustainable bolenius further tries to limitco2 emiss


Durable, Sustainable

Bolenius further tries to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible. The building at the Zuidas is energy efficient and all purchases are made ​​as sustainably as possible. Even with the equipment due consideration was made to sustainable materials. Senso are proud to be included in this mission.


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